Mobile Apps on Three Platforms

For the first time, TF survey apps are available on all three major mobile platforms; Microsoft, Apple and Android. The Condition Survey and Hazard Survey apps were already available on Apple and Android devices and we can now confirm the release of a Windows version.


We are pleased to announce that the Condition Survey App is now available on Android, Apple and Windows for tf facility users and Android and Apple for tf cloud users. There is a phased programme of development for the other modules on both tf facility and tf cloud including handheld apps for Hazard, Inspections, Plant and Help Calls.

The apps allow surveys to be downloaded to handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones. Surveys can be downloaded to the app from the main database and then conducted without an Internet connection. Once an Internet connection is re-established, the surveyor can synchronise the surveys with the main tf facility or tf cloud database at the click of a button.

If you are interested in using the new handheld apps at your organisation simply give us a call on 0113 288 2575 or get in touch with us here.