Flexible and Bespoke Online Training

In addition to the monthly free webinars we offer to clients, we are excited to be able to offer client specific remote training. This not only reduces the cost of on-site training but it offers a much more flexible delivery option for our clients. Where budgets may not have previously allowed for expenditure on training, the reduced commitment of flexible online training is making it much more affordable for our clients.

Not only do we provide training courses on all the TF modules but also systems which link directly to our software e.g. Microsoft Excel. The courses are developed by our Microsoft Certified Trainer and they focus on both the real time outputs of TF software and the creative opportunities of the Microsoft package.


Online training is fully interactive with users communicating with the trainer throughout. All that is required to participate in online training is a computer with an Internet connection and a headset with a microphone.

Our COLF certified trainer is able to monitor users as they carry out training tasks when hooked up to a virtual PC and offer advice and mentoring. Typically, sessions will last 2 hours and be split across the day, depending on the training topic.


We can also facilitate longer term online training, where a session is followed by practical use, followed by a further follow up session. Over the past few months we have seen a huge uptake in our remote training courses and encourage you to consider them for your organisation.

All you need to access remote online training is a computer, Internet connection and a headset with a microphone. The webinar will be delivered via Webex but no software is required.

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A full list of training courses we offer can be found here. Want training specific to your organisation's needs? We can do that too.

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For pricing information and to schedule a remote training course please contact click the button above, contact your Account Manager or call us on 0113 288 2575.