15 Years at The Technology Forge

Andy Hayes, our Senior Project Manager and Consultant has just celebrated his fifteenth anniversary working for The Technology Forge. Andy started at TF in January 2000 and worked on the original tf school system with the first group of TF clients. Fifteen years later and Andy has successfully implemented TF solutions across the UK to a huge range of organisations.


How has your role evolved at The Technology Forge since you joined 15 years ago?
When I started in 2000, TF was a lot smaller than it is today. My role was originally a bit of everything from pre-sales, training (including carrying desktops and monitors before we had laptops), data loading, project implementation, helpdesk support and even developing the odd system report. Thinking about it, it hasn't changed too much but there is a greater focus on the project implementation and account management side and thankfully with lots more clients!

What is your most memorable moment at TF?
One of the biggest, if not most memorable, was perhaps the move from Otley (on the outskirts of Leeds) to our present offices in Leeds City Centre. It was a big change but I think it is fair to say it has worked out well for us all. The social side of TF has also improved by being close to so many bars and restaurants.

In terms of memorable moment; the day where I plugged my laptop into the wrong socket and took down the whole TF internal network for the afternoon is one that perhaps is best forgotten.

Where do you see the company 15 years from now?
Going forward I am sure that TF will keep up to date with the ever changing world of property & asset management and related technology. As always we respond to customer feedback and legislation changes.

Ten years ago I would never have thought that when we were developing condition survey software on Palm Pilots (Google them if you have never heard of them) that the TF software would eventually be available on all types of mobile phones and tablets that can be linked wirelessly to the database.